How to get an estimate
To get a trade-in value for your car, bring it to Wheels & Wheels Auto at 18 Dunrobin Ave Kingston or Main Street Porus, Manchester and we will appraise your vehicle.

The Process:

We'll check:

* Interior and Exterior condition — Excessive wear and tear may affect your car's appraisal value.
* Mileage - Age and excessive miles may lower your vehicle's value and narrow its resale market.
* Paint and body - Overspray, body putty, dents, scratches, and other signs of previous body repair.
Frame damage will also affect your offer because it shows your car has been in a serious accident.

Step two: the offer
We’ll give you a free estimate good for 7 days.

Step three: complete the trade-in
When you decide to trade-in your car to Wheels & Wheels towards the purchase of your newer car, bring all your paperwork and any car accessories, including extra keys
(See our list of what to bring for more information.)

We’ll help you with your paperwork.

What to bring with you to sell your car
(N.B: To confirm everything you will need to sell your car call before you arrive)

1. Title
Please bring your car title. The title must be provided at the time of sale.

2. Valid Registration

A valid and current car registration is proof that you own the car. Wheels & Wheels must see the vehicle's current registration documentation to
verify that you own the vehicle.

3. Photo ID
All title holders should bring a valid Jamaican issued photo IDs to prove identity.
These include a drivers license, passport, NationalVoter ID etc..

4. Owner's manual

Make life a little easier on the next car owner by leaving your owner’s manual in the glove box before selling your car.

5. Keys and remote

Keys can be expensive to replace. If you do not have the original keys and remote, Wheels & Wheels may adjust the offer.

Additional information
1. Your written offer is based on your car and on any equipment that is installed or that is part of the car (e.g. stereos, alarms, etc.).
If you remove any of this equipment, your appraisal could be voided.

2. The offer for your vehicle will not change for 7 days and will be honored by Wheels & Wheels Auto.
After 7 days, your vehicle May need to be reappraised and your offer may change. Our offer assumes that the condition of the vehicle does not change,
that Wheels & Wheels may obtain a clear title, and that there are no undisclosed conditions affecting the vehicle.

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