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Group staff - Dunrobin Avenue, Kingston 10

Hyacinth Dale General Manager
Our main objectives are to provide excellent customer service, competitive pricing and quality vehicles. As a customer we want you to be satisfied which in effect promote our business. Woking with Wheels and Wheels Auto for the five (5) years I can assure you that our vehicles are sourced through reputable agents so you are guaranteed quality vehicles at affordable cost. We work closely with our customers through each step of the process to acquire financing that suits their pockets. Wheels and Wheels Auto... where customers come first.
Donovan J. Thomas Operation Manager
Anyone whose vehicle has broken down knows the importance of the jobs of an Auto Technician. The ability to diagnose the source of a problem quickly and accurately requires through knowledge of automobiles that's our team. Additionally, our imported vehicles are given a full diagnostic test and are properly assessed before it is handed over to the customers. Want first class service ? Wheels and Wheels Auto is the place to shop.

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